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    Why your masonry company should have a website

    Many small businesses still do not conduct business through internet; in fact 46% of small businesses still do not have a website for their business. Be creative and create a great website for your mansory business and be ahead of your competitors

    A global research from GoDaddy from RedShift Research Contains 59% of small businesses in Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Turkey, UK and the US still do not have a business website.





    Everyone uses the internet to get information


    Unlike years ago, people look up the YellowPages for products and services, today people use their mobile phones to search for products and services in the average of 36 hours every month. If you operate a small business such as Masonry Business giving your potential clients lucrative opportunity to view your business online is a great factor.


    It is amazing to see that even in the masonry business, digital marketing is nowhere lacking. Though this business has a great scoop, but to survive in the market, you need to promote your masonry business well through business website.


    We refer to digital marketing once you have your own business website; social media is also a must to get online visibility at its best. Social media is the fastest way to reach your potential clients, especially if you have your target niche, target age and location.




    If you already have a web shop for your masonry business, improving and updating your website is a must. Here are 12 ideas on how you can fix your website to get more boost.


    1. Value proposition on your headline


    Put your value proposition or mission statement on your headline, let the visitors know exactly what they will get if they hire you.


    1. Navigation


    Your website visitors should come first, and search engine next. Use descriptive navigation instead of using the generic navigation.  Fewer clicks from the visitors, helps search engine indicate your relevance. Use words that your visitors will use, and words that your visitors are most likely to search.


    1. Call to action


    Buttons for action like “Get a quote now”, “Download”, “Contact us now” or, “Get more info here”

    Call to action button or CTA, is huge.  When you have users on the website, they are already interested in what you have to offer, all you can urge them to do is to act on their interest and give them a call to action button on every page of your website.


    1. Call to action colors


    Sense of urgency, should be the theme on your call to action button. Main complimentary colors usually used on CTA buttons are either red or green. Or you can have it depend on the contrast of your website theme, if your masonry website predominantly blue or light blue, you can match call to action button with a nice yellow or warm orange that accents your color palette.


    1. Let your website design tell a story


    When you take a look at your website at a far, you should be able to tell what your website is about. You can create a front page image of what your service is about or what products you are offering your visitors. Clear and consistent message is the key.


    1. Conversion rate


    A conversion rate is an equation that online advertisers and marketers use to compare total number of visitors to a website. You must take a look at the context and data of which they are used and make a decision if they are relevant for users or not.


    1. Social media proof


    Using social media proof to entice people is a great way to deliver the quality of your service or product.


    1. Testimonials


    Most of the time people like to read reviews and testimonials from previous clients, to evaluate your service. Gather testimonials and have a separate page for it.


    1. Team page


    People like to take a look at the people they want to conduct business with beforehand, a great idea to include on your website is a page for employee or team. Letting visitors know who are the people behind the company.


    1. Mobile friendly


    Mobile friendly website is a must. On April, Google updated their mobile search ranking algorithm; mobile friendly websites rank higher in mobile search results than non mobile-friendly websites.


    1. Internal linking


    From the home page, it is a good idea that you give your users easy access to your services page and add a simple call to action button with a link to your contact form.


    1. Email sign ups or newsletter


    Sign up forms usually comes with the 3 P’s PROMINENT, PROOF and PROMISE. Make it obvious and easy to understand, what your visitors are signing up for.

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