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    Why your hotel should have a website

    Due to technology innovation and web site developments a lot has changed in regards to booking hotels, and most of the time it happens online. When you have a website for your hotel it is easier for customers to book online, and gather more information about the hotel.

    Not only will a website increase your visitors, it will be easier to clients to refer the hotel to friends and family through sharing your website link across any social media platform or through email. Many hoteliers know that having a mobile-optimized website and booking platform leads to mobile purchases. According to Google, smart phones are now responsible for one third of last minute searches and bookings.

    People on the go are more likely to search information through their smart phones, scan hotel photos and hotel reviews and recommendations.  So the key is to offer most convenient way to search for information and have a call-to-action button or book now button on every page of your hotel website.







    What features should be included for your hotel website?


    1. Responsive website – responsive website means that, it is adaptive for mobile, tablets and desktop screen.


    1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization – Investing a lot of money on a website, will all be worthless if you are not investing in SEO as well. Optimized website gets 65 % to 70% more visitors from search engine. This has something to do with using the correct keywords, destination and hotel related keywords. Therefore it is essential that your website is fully optimized for Search Engines such as Google.


    1. CMS or Content Management System – As hotel websites needs constant change and updates, CMS will enable you to do all the changes that you need by yourself. Most commonly recommended CMS’es are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.


    1. Say no to Mobile App – While hotel guests may download apps from large consolidators like Booking.com, AirBNB, Expedia and TripAdvisor, they are prone to overlook apps from individual properties. Visitors want simple information from a hotel website such as : contact details, phone number, and address. Even booking needs to be simple. A study from Yahoo shows that 73% of smart phone users prefer booking on mobile website rather than via apps.


    1. Customer Support – Your hotel website should be a place for prospective customers to how to reach you. You should include a chat support for potential customers; whenever they have few questions your chat support should be ready to answer their questions in real time.


    1. Gallery – it is common that hoteliers have pictures of the rooms, lobby and other areas of the hotel; this is to attract more viewers as well as give the customers some expectations on what your hotel can offer during their stay.


    1. Location on Google Map – It is easy to ask your web designer to include Google Map widget on your hotel website, it is easy to install and you give clients exact location on your hotel and the great places near the hotel.


    1. Rate overview – It is great to give customers an estimated rate overview, whether it is an offer with “price from” tag and separate discount rates from regular rate, so not to confuse the customers.


    1. Encapsulation – It is essential that you direct your visitors to the important part of your hotel website, for hotels it is your availability box to drive direct bookings.


    1. Social Proof – Trust is critical in this line of business, trust building elements should be part of your hotel website design, Social proof is a great way to deliver feedback for your potential customers. Testimonials and reviews are common approach, encourage your website visitors to read the great things your previous guests have said about you hotel.



    Keep in mind the aim of your website is to encourage guests to book and to book direct from your website, this can be achieve through smart conversion-centered design with goal of redirecting guests.

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