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    Why your flower shop should have a web shop?

    Today most small businesses own a website to cater to the needs of their potential customers, many small business owners realize the fact that people tend to turn to the internet to look for certain products and services the customers need. And as a florist, your flower shop cannot bloom without a website.






    Getting people into your flower shop can take time and creativity, especially with the many options available for your customers to choose from. Here are ways you can increase traffic to your flower shop with the help of a flower shop website.



    Floral website appearance to compliment your business niche



    When creating a website, the first that you must consider is how you want to present your floral business to the world.


    Design – Be careful selecting colors and backgrounds, you do not want to overfill your website with flowers for the customers to know you have a flower shop.


    Products – Pay attention to your product images, they should all look consistent and not overly large or mismatched. The more real the better, you can also hire a photographer or take photos of you’re the flowers you have in store, especially those popular ones, these should be included on your homepage.


    Logo – Your logo should be big enough to read however not too big that it fills an entire webpage. Your logo is your brand and the clearer the logo the better it is for customers to memorize your business name and your logo.




    Best practices for floral website appearance are;


    • Neautral background – since flowers have different colors and shape, you do not want it to camouflage with your website appearance. It is better to go with a color that will complement each flower image you want to include on your website.


    • Fonts – it is important that your fonts are consistent and not overly mismatched. The fonts should also compliment the fonts on your logo.


    • Mobile friendly website – a responsive flower shop website will allow customers who are on any other devices a better shopping experience. Mobile friendly flower shop website is also great for your website ranking.


    • Florist content – Having a lot of specific content on your flower shop website allows more keywords. Keywords are high for indexing and ranking your flower shop website by increasing your SEO.


    • Contact information – for any type of business having your contact information available and visible no matter which page your customers land is very important. Keep your contact information on the footer, however you should still have a ‘’Contact us’’ page with address, business phone number, opening hours, map and email option.




    Here 5 ways to get people to visit your flower shop website



    Having a flower shop website is not enough to draw more customers to your shop. You need to take the initiative to draw your target customers’ attention to your flower shop, and turn them into loyal customers. You can only achieve this through smart marketing strategies.


    First focus on your existing customers

    Do not worry about drawing too many customers too soon, instead focus on your existing customers. Focus on your loyal customers first, you can let them know about a website that you have for your shop and get some ideas on what they would want to include on your flower shop website. You can let them market your flower shop website for you by referring friends, family and social network to the website.



    Build a trustworthy brand name

    You should make efforts to turn your floral business into a trustworthy brand. Branding of a business is essential for its growth, when people start perceiving your floral business as a brand, they become loyal customers.



    Use social media

    One of the best platforms to update people about your new flower shop website, your new floral pieces, exciting offers or special discounts is social media. First you must create a Facebook page for your floral business, Twitter account, Instagram account and so on. Then, you post content regularly that could be of interest of your target audience. You can put up attractive photos and videos of your flower shop and new activities in your social media.



    Provide newsletter for your customers

    Customers have faith in businesses that sends them greeting on their birthdays and other occasssions and a word of thank you for shopping. Such personal emails go a long way in reinstating a customer’s faith in a business. This is known as email marketing.



    • Get the customers email or have a bowl where they can leave their business cards. This is another way you can gather their email, another is have a newsletter subscription page on your website for those who are interested in receiving great deals and offers through email.



    These are just few of the many reasons you should have a website for your floral business.

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