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    Why your financial company should have a website

    Your website is your single most important channel – for sales, branding, communications, acquisition, customer service and more.  Your Financial Company website must work 24/7 for our company, while supporting a number of goals for variety of audience.






    When you are approaching a website designer, it is critical to develop a list of must –haves, which you can allocate resources and plan accordingly. Here are great few features to start with.



    1. Responsive Design

    A single site that responsively adapts to visitors on PC, mobiles and tablets, is the standard website design for businesses today.


    1. Intuitive Website Navigation

    Visitors appreciate easy-to-follow, focused, consistent and intuitive navigation structure. Intuitive financial company website navigation indicates where the visitors are, and the pages names that reflect what they want to search.


    1. Website Search

    Though your website should be designed strategically, some users will prefer site search feature since visitors are wired to search for what they need. Make your search box visible for your visitors, making it easier for them to find what they are exactly looking for.


    1. Contact information

    One of the common things that financial company visitors seek is a way to contact you, fulfilling this requirement, it is best that you have your contact information on every page of your website and in the footer. A contact form is also one way to have your visitors act on their interest right away.


    1. Promotional page

    Your financial company website is your 24/7 marketing channel, it can easily become as visual as a billboard on a busy highway. Promotional page should be carefully chosen on your homepage, as well as on your internal pages, so that promotions will be relevant, helpful but not overwhelming.


    1. Content Management System

    Content management system will power your website and this must be thoughtfully selected, as this can also be the downfall of your website. Content management can be outsourced, as to have less to think about while you run your business.


    1. SEO Strategy

    Every business should have basic Search Engine Optimization strategy, including keyword search, supportive content, and more. Whether SEO becomes an important part of your inbound marketing program, or simply a way to improve your online visibility on your website.


    1. Multimedia Content

    Visitors enjoy engaging with a mix of content types of websites, and financial company website are no exception. While visitors may read articles from your website, it could not hurt to add a short video explaining the topic. This way you consider the visitors that prefer visual information.


    1. Internal linking strategy

    While navigational menus are the most obvious method for driving visitors to internal website pages, your article content should also include internal linking.


    1. Testimonial and Review page

    People are social beings, it is not a surprise that they look for testimonials and reviews about your service to help them in their decision-making. For marketers as well, testimonials and reviews are helpful tool for creating credibility and connecting with the audience.


    Today in this modern world, there is an expectation for any reputable financial company to have some kind of online presence. Potential customers would likely be distrusting a company that does not have a website with the right information, contact details, reviews and email address. Having a good quality financial website makes customers more comfortable using your service.


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