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    Why you as a lawyer should have a website

    Great features to include on your law firm website


    The features incorporated on your law firm website design can be the difference between having a good website and having a great online marketing tool for your law firm.



    Responsive Website


    A post from Web Design and Development Trends for 2015, more and more people are using tablets and mobile phones to access web pages across the world. More than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile users. A responsive website design ensures that you have a great experience for all devices of all screen resolutions.  Responsive web design means that you can scale to different resolution may it be tablets, computers or smart phones.








    Connect with people


    One of the primary goals of having a website is to connect with people, with the information they seek. Visitors on law firm website might be looking for articles or learning more about specific practice area. But the point is they are looking for an attorney. Therefore it is best that you have a firm directory of your attorneys, to help your prospective clients easily search attorneys in your firm based on multiple criteria like expertise.


    Convenient way to contact you


    Law firm websites should always give visitors quick ways to get in touch with the firm. However immediacy of need to contact a lawyer varies by the practice area: personal injury, and family law clients may use call-action-button, however real estate or development clients are more likely to email instead. Make sure you have the options for both.


    Blog content creation


    Content marketing is creating and distributing, valuable, relevant and consistent content on your website. Attorneys are great candidates for successful content writing, where as they can give advices and tips on how to handle on certain cases. It also shows off what they know about law updates and recent legislation.  A great law firm company keep up to date with new blog post every week or every month.  This is because indexed and useful posts on law firm website, contribute to web ranking for search engines.


    Link to practice area


    One thing you should include on your blog posts is a link to your practice area. Law firm website make the content work double-duty for the site, aggregating relevant articles as well as keeping the readers interested.


    Social Media attorney profiles


    Although not all attorneys are adopters of social media, however social media usage for law firms are on the rise. Many attorneys now have their profile on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. This is where you disseminate information and connect with clients. It is recommended that you add your social media link on each attorney page on your law firm website. Making sure that potential clients can easily click the link and will be redirected to the respective social media profile.




    Clients testimonials adds trust and credibility for potential clients. Client testimonial can come from video or written testimonials will do. It will add personality, credibility and trust to your firm’s brand. It would also be great if you ask your client to attach their Google+ account or Facebook account on the testimonials.




    Do not use iStock photos, but rather use personal business high-quality images.


    You can always ask a web designer to present samples of law firm websites for you to get ideas on how you want your law firm website to look. Always keep in mind to have everything you need at hand for the web designer to easily put up the design for you. You can always make the necessary changes and update on your website, a web designer will be more than willing to provide a short tutorial on how you can for example add blog posts or updates photos on your website.

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