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    Why you as a hairdresser should have a website

    As a hairdresser, your business is a competitive niche; there could be hundreds of hairdresser in your area. How can you stand out? How can you get online and local visibility? A hairdresser website is a must for all types of business, as people tend to use internet to search for certain service or product.






    As a hairdresser and beauty therapist, you’re in the business making your clients feel self-esteem boost with new hair style and trend ideas. But as you are in a very competitive business category, it is hard for new clients to trust your service without a few samples and reviews.


    While other salons have local directory listings, people still reach for the link for the hairdressers website, to have a visual of the services they offer. Most of new customers turn away from a business if they cannot offer a website where clients can visualize their idea for a new trendy hair style.


    Also many hair salons rely on social media platforms to promote their business, while social media makes sense, since there are billions online, however out of the billions users on social media, there can only be 10% of those users that could actually use your service, due to location, age group, and more.


    While a hair salon website could be your marketing tool as well as your business card, your catalogue and your 24 hour customer service tool where your clients can email or contact your through a contact form.



    SO what to look for when designing your hair dresser website


    1. Design, Layout and Color theme

    While you have a plain idea on how you want your website to look, and what to include. It is essential that  you are consistent with your layout, your design and your color theme. Think of your salons internal design, color and set up? Give your new customers and returning customer a sense of being in the salon while visiting your website. Add some multimedia on the respective pages, perhaps a picture of your salon at the frontpage.


    1. Responsive Website

    Responsive website means that your customers can view your website whether they are using a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.


    1. Great images are essential

    High resolution and professional images is the key in the hair and beauty industry. Your hair salon website should reflect the quality of your service. You may want to consider a gallery of images of your master piece. Or the following;


    • Before and after shots
    • End products shots
    • Action shots
    • Location shots
    • Short videos



    What else do you need on your Salon website


    Think of what you customers want to see on your website, what kind of information does your client want from your website? Top level information as the following:


    • Contact info
    • Google maps widget
    • Booking button
    • Opening hours


    These information need to be on the homepage or on the menu under contact, but it best that you have your contact info at every page of your website as well as the booking form or reservation form.


    Always think about what information you need to leave on your page for the sake of your customers. And for the design, you can always ask a web designer for ideas and what is ideal for your type of business. It would also be a really great for your online visibility if you also invest on SEO.

    Should we help you get a website for your salon?

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