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    Why you as a craftsman should have a website

    You may have noticed that nowadays, it can be difficult to find people to buy from you if you don’t make use of the Internet. This can be a bitter pill to swallow, particularly if your profession is that of a craftsman. People from that field tend to do advertising in the old fashioned way. And by old fashioned we mean word of mouth.


    We don’t find anything wrong with it, to be honest. It’s still a very effective advertising method even in these modern times. Even billboards and newspaper ads are still being used today. However, if we want to find more success in our profession, we have to embrace newer technology. You can start by getting yourself a website.


    Many businesses have websites developed for them as a way to introduce people to what their brand is all about. It also a place for them to show what they company does and what they are offering, whether it’s products or services. Apart from that, they also put their contact details and other business information.



    For a craftsman like yourself, you can use the visual capabilities of a website to showcase your handiwork. Enhance it with high resolution images, and you are sure to impress many people who visit your site. And the more you impress, the more likely you are going to get some sales.


    As a craftsman, you can use your website not only as a place to display goods, but also as a store. Yes, you can sell your goods online like those other ecommerce webshops you can find on the Internet.


    To bring more people to your site, you can use paid advertising platforms like Google Adwords to promote your brand. These allow you to promote yourself directly to the people who seem the most interested in what you have to offer (you need to make sure your landing pages are very convincing, however!) Or you could start a page on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites and share your work and your website there as well.


    Perhaps the best thing that having a website of your own can bring is that you can inspire others. You can inspire to become a craftsman just like you, or just start a business of their own. Also, if others who are making goods that are similar to yours don’t have sites yet, then it’s best to be one step ahead of them, don’t you agree?


    Have you decided that you need a website? That’s great! But keep in mind that the quality of your website should reflect the quality of your craftsmanship. Make sure that you look for a trustworthy web agency that can develop a site that suits you and your work perfectly. Better yet, if you let them, they won’t just stop at that. They can even help you promote your site, be it through pay per click advertising, social media marketing, or both. What’s important is to spread word about you and your products in the best ways available to you.

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