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    Why you as a blacksmith should have a website

    The blacksmithing industry has changed. No one’s going to really go to your place and say they request that you make them a hammer because you make the best in town. As businesses started to develop, marketing methods have also affected the way blacksmiths approach their customers. Currently, the best and most efficient way to do so is through a website. Here are some reasons why:

    Wider audience targeting

    How are you going to make sure that your services will get noticed out of all the many out there in your area? The first thing you need is a website. A website alone can expose you as a blacksmith to the whole internet and expands your market. Furthermore, with Google Adwords, you can target specific locations and audiences with the keywords you use. One example is keywords such as “blacksmiths in [your location]”.



    It’s impractical for someone to ask around town for blacksmiths, let alone who the best one is. It’s simpler to just use the internet and search for answers where everything is made available. When a potential customer wants to get blacksmith services, they will search for something along those keywords. That’s why important to research they keywords you use as well. The more keywords you use and the more diverse they are puts you to an advantage. This way you can get found in different ways such as when they use “best blacksmith [your location]”.

    Makes marketing easier for you

    Your website is the best place for you to display all your work through a portfolio or image gallery. After all, that is how visitors can decide whether or not they would want to avail your services. All you have to do is provide the correct content: images and the corresponding descriptions. Compare this to traditional methods such as brochures, or worse, bringing your own products with you to sell them.

    Establishes your business online

    Before your website, your business practically did not exist online. Well, this is at least true for startup businesses or businesses that have not gotten their name out there yet. Believe it or not, a lot of your time will be saved spreading your brand. With a public website, it is easier for your clients to share your work to other people they want to recommend it to. You can leverage this by creating social media accounts in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


    You may also include testimonials on your website from your customers. Visitors tend to trust a business more when they see that it has been received well by another person or business.


    Although websites are incredibly beneficial for you as a blacksmith, it does not mean that you should abandon traditional marketing altogether. The best recipe for success is a well-planned marketing strategy, a good webbureau, creativity, and determination.

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