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    Why locksmiths should have a website?

    Your business as a locksmith may be small, however having a website is no longer optional even if you serve local customers and have no intention in selling your products online. It is modern era where people use the internet to search for a business near their location, as a locksmith you want to be found on the search engine and by that you need a website to market your business.


    Here are the essentials every small business website should include





    A powerful home page – your website‘s home page is the first impression you give your online customers about your business. . It should make your brand image clear and visually appealing.  It should communicate to the visitors what your business does, who it serves, why your business exists, and why your customers should care.


    There are many creative ways to approach your website’s home page, but it should include the minimum:


    • You logo
    • Menu bar
    • About page
    • Contact details



    User-friendly navigation – Whether your navigation menu expands at the top of the home page or in the sidebar, it must be easy to see for the visitors, and should include logical categories that make it simple for site visitors to find the information they need.


    Search features – You can include search box feature in addition to your site navigation menu so customers can easily type what they are searching for.


    Location/ Google map widget – for customers to find your physical store, it is a great idea to include Google Maps Widget alongside your contact details such as Business name, address, telephone number etc.


    Here is the list of advantages of having a website


    Now that you have an idea on what to include in your website, let’s take a look at the advantages of having a locksmith website.


    Less expensive to advertise – having a website is far less expensive than having to advertise through print media, radio, TV or by other means. These type of marketing and advertising is expensive and its only limited into a short period of time. Having a website will make promoting your business less expensive and sometimes free.


    Websites are more environmental friendly – There are lots of ways to advertise your locksmith business through internet. One example is through Facebook ads, an advertising feature offered through social media platform Facebook. It is ideal for local businesses as you can choose the audience you need, from location, age, etc. You just don’t advertise to anyone and anywhere.


    Be locally popular – Most small businesses are locally popular due to their marketing strategy that gets them local visibility. As a locksmith, you need local customers the most and you can achieve this through local listings, Local SEO and other SEO service that can give you online visibility.


    Better relationship with customers – Having a website can build better relationship with customers. You can send your customers email to let them know about your new products and services, and they can review your products and services online and give you a feedback.


    Increase sales – The main goal for having a website is to increase sales. The more visitors and recommendation to your website the more customers you will gain. The more informative your website is the greater possibility of increasing your sales.


    Are you not convinced yet? Or do you need help to build a locksmith website?

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