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    Why it is essential for journalists to have a website


    Journalists today create strong virtual expressions of their work, this is why it is important for journalists to have their own website.








    Whether you are a newly graduate  journalist or an experienced journalist looking for new tasks or work, having a great and simple yet attractive website is important. So when new clients Google your name, they will find your website with great informative articles, videos and other resources such as social media profile, will show up.  Here are some few advices on how you can create a simple yet informative website, and how you can choose the best design suited for your work and personality.




    Your website should be your online portfolio, and your website is the customers first impression about you. So you need to choose a strong one. This does not mean you have play the part of a web designer, who can memorize the needed codes to make a great website. You can create your website from scratch or choose one of these easy to use platforms.





    However, if you do not have the time to create your own website, atleast you should gather ideas on how you would want your website to represent you and your work. Then, you can hire a website designer to create the website you desire.






    Here are the list of the platforms that are easy to use when creating website for journalists.





    1. WordPress – WordPress is commonly used platforms for journalists and other small businesses   looking to create their online portfolio.

    WordPress is free and easy to set up, WordPress can host your blog instead of hosting it yourself. There are tons of designs, plug ins so you can customized your website. There are lots of onlien tutorial about how to set up website for journalists online.




    1. About.Me – About.me is another platform, however this is not exactly an online portfolio but more on an app where you can promote yourself. The design is super easy, you can connect your LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Facebook as well as your blog and so on. Also About.me gives you free access to visitor analytics. However, it is better that you stick a short introduction about yourself that your potential client can easily read about you in one single page.




    1. Pressfolios – is a platform where journalists can put their work online. The greatest part here for digital journalists is that you can manage your stories by publication. Pressfolios gives digital journalists pain-free process of organizing their writing jobs and clips. It is also very simple to connect your social media profiles to Pressfolios.




    These are just few of the many options that you have when you want to create your own journalist website.




    What do you need to think about when you want to create a website as a journalist.




    To create a great visual representation of your work and as a journalist, nothing beats working with a great and experienced website designer. Sometimes though working on your own website, can take a lot of time and effort. There are lots of small to large companies who chooses to hire a website designer instead of making their own, so they can focus on what they do best, running their business.





    In the right hand of a team of website designers, you may be handed an array of designs to choose from and you may need to set a day or two to discuss with them what you will need in your website, and  you may want to provide them photos, clips and articles.



    To create a strong visual expression of your hard work, keep in mind that simplicity is the key. Good design is your way of communicating with your readers, by helping readers to identify newest contents and differentiate blogs from news report.




    When you think of designs, here are few tips to keep in mind.




    1. Choose simplicity over complex design


    Striving for simplicity is the best way to ensure that your reader will not get lost in your website and get good visitor results. Simplicity means that you limit your readers options, in a way that they find what they are looking for in one simple click.





    1. Consistency


    Have your website in a consistent manner, meaning you will need to be consistent with choosing the theme and colors that will best fit your work.  If you choose too many colors for each page of your website, it gives the readers the idea that they are visiting multiple website at once. Consistency in theme and color makes your readers more familiar with your website.





    1. Express yourself


    Every design, every color and every page tells the reader about your product, your company and yourself. So choose a design that expresses your work, niche and yourself, so that the next time they visit your website, they have a sense of familiarity.




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