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    Why is a website so important for your painting business?

    Are you looking to market your painting business? Nearly local businesses small or large, have established their reputation through online marketing, starting with creating a business painting website to get the loyalty and trust they need from returning customers as well as new clients.



    Promoting a business online can be difficult without having a website to introduce your service first. A business that has social media accounts, but lack the website rarely get the deal they need. As people rely on information from your business website, and evaluate your business through professional website design.


    If your painting business website is built right, it will certainly generate leads. According to study 82% have so much trust in online reviews as they do in personal referrals and recommendations. Therefore it is vital that you have a page where you can dedicate for client reviews or testimonial page, where potential customers can read.


    Small business owners that have had success in word of mouth marketing, may not feel the need for a website.  Unfortunately, that is a big mistake. Even if word of mouth referrals and marketing have been a success and has lead to new clients in the past, as business owner you can miss out on potential clients. A website is still a valuable tool to promote your business.


    A painting business website says a lot about who you are as an artist and what your business can do for your clients. Having a well-designed, elegant and professional looking design, can help you generate more leads in the future.



    What are the important things you need for a website to work?


    A website alone cannot do the job; you need to optimize your website for search engines using the right keywords so it will rank well.




    Focus on optimizing your website


    The way people use the internet for information about a certain business has changed over the last few years.  Directories, Yellow Pages, Yelp and Yahoo Local has been taken over by Google, Bing, Yahoo search and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Though SEO is not just an additional marketing strategy, it is compulsory element of having a website.


    First thing you need for good SEO is a search engine friendly painting business website, that is optimized as many conversion as possible. In fact the most essential part of online marketing is local SEO, if you are thinking of investing in a good website; take great consideration the SEO package as well.




    Design custom landing page


    Remember, your potential clients always want relevant information. SO each painting services should have a landing page and you should also consider separate landing pages if you want to promote special offers.


    Here are several reasons why you should do it:


    • You cannot always customize your homepage to meet specific services or offers. For example your ad is about 20% discounts on industrial painting, clicking on it should take the visitors to a specific page that contains all the details about the offer for special rate.
    • Ensure maximum conversion rate, landing pages must match with the message presented in the search engine results.
    • Landing pages means that you can create segmented promotional offers.



    A homepage is very important and once you have researched all the needs of a painting business website, you can either create one on your own or save your time and effort by hiring web designer and SEO guru for your online marketing needs. You will find tons of web design companies online, willing to take over these matters into their own hands, so you can focus on what it is you do best.



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