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    Why Construction Company should have a website?

    In the modern world today, it seems inconceivable that any business would operate without some form of online presence.  Although many companies, large or small have realized the power of social media by using it as marketing platform to present their business to the world, that is no longer.





    It is hard to believe that only 46% of small businesses have a website. The statistic is cofounding when they realize people spend 6 hours a day on the internet. And 41% of small business owners reported that they do not need a website for their business and it means that they do not realize the benefits of having a website does for their small business.



    In reality construction industry has been reluctant to embrace the benefits of having a business website. However builders are now being dragged into the 21st century by the need to collaborate more closely with their colleagues, architects and engineers responsible for the ideas behind their work.



    Here are essential elements to include on your construction business website



    A website is a place for potential customers to check your business out, and see the kind of work you do, and decide whether your business will work for them. It is therefore important that your business website looks professional and here are some tips on what you should include on your website;




    • Own domain name


    It is important that you have your own domain name, yourbusiness.com/.uk/.org/.net is always better and looks more professional and it is easier to remember. It is best that your domain name should be your business name.



    • Include photos, videos, before-and-after photos


    Adding photos and videos to your construction business website will make you reach out for more potential clients.



    • Ask your previous customers to write a testimonial


    People like to hire businesses with great reputation, recommendations from friends, family and social network is one of the most common ways to promote your business. It is important that you have a separate page for your testimonials and reviews.




    • Blog about your projects


    Content marketing is an essential tool in online marketing strategy, this is the best way you can promote your business. A blog should be updated weekly with fresh, unique and original contents along with some photos of your latest project. Contents from your blog should also be shareable to social media, this is also one way to get more audience to your website.




    • SEO is a major part of having a website and gain more online visibility


    Your construction business website should be paired with a good SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  This can be hard to do on your own and it is time consuming and you already have lots of work in your hand. It is best that you let SEO company do this tremendous task for your construction business website.




    When developing a construction website, make sure all of these crucial elements are incorporated in order to generate and convert leads.


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