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    Why as an accountant you should have a website

    Any accounting or book keeper should an effective website for their business. It is the first experience and impression of your clients. Whether you are creating or re-designing a website here are some few tips on how to get started.



    Simply having a website does not mean it is an effective one. You might have visited websites, that isn’t up to scratch because the design is just not right for the company, or it is too amateur or the site is full of broken links. Other common issues are out of date contents, or pages with too much content, or poor navigation. Which makes you close the website before you even have the interest to look around, however not having a website can mean that your accountant firm can be missing a lot of customers.


    Here are effective ways to have an accountant website that works




    Focus on your brand


    If your branding isn’t clear and professional then you will not achieve your business goals and objectives.

    Logo – you need to have your logo visible on each page of your website

    About us page – visitors or potential clients will like to know in advance who they trust their financial issues to and would like to read more about the company they are entrusting their concerns.

    Video – It is a great way to tell your visitors how qualified you are to help them.




    Create interesting, useful and fresh content


    Tired, self-promoting and out-dated contents reflect badly on your firm. Therefore it is essential to create new, fresh and interesting contents for your visitors who would like to get more knowledge in your field. Up-to-date contents also helps you rank on search engines.




    Provide helpful tools


    Do not create a website plainly based on basic information such as contact details, address, and email address. A great way to capture potential clients is to create helpful tools embedded on your accountant website. By having your fees and packages included or displayed, your prospects are clear about the fees they will pay for your service. A helpful tool such as lead generation tool that allows visitors to select services you offer and request a quote.





    Use common language


    Many account websites use technical words that most potential clients do not understand and is only common to your industry. Use everyday language and keep sentences short. Your message should be more effective that way.




    Test your website


    If an accountant website does not work properly, it creates a poor first impression. Take the right time to make sure all the links and pages on your accountant website works and works on any devices may the visitor be using a computer, tablet or mobile phone to view your website.





    Information must be intuitive


    The way you structure the flow of information on your accountant website must be intuitive. Plan your website well first and do not forget to optimize the speed of your website. Avoid using images or video files that are too large.





    Make it easy for potential clients to contact you


    Even though all your information is written all over your home page, your visitors might enter your accountant website on any page. Make sure that you have your contact details visible on every page, making it easy for clients to call, email or contact you. Clients should not struggle to find your contact details while visiting your website, so have a separate page for your contact information and contact form.





    Make sure your accountant website is easy to find


    Having a website doesn’t mean that you will have lot of visitors in an instant.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of best practices that will ensure people can find you on search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. Make sure your industry tags, keywords and headers in your website’s description and the actual pages. This will help your website appear higher on search engines.






    The advantage of social media


    Include your social media links in a clear and consistent place on your website. It makes it easier for potential clients to find you and share your website with their friends and colleagues.




    Always keep improving your account website, too many firms make the mistake of thinking their website is a finite project. A successful website requires on-going resources, care and attention.

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