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    Website Mistakes You Should Never Make

    Investing in a website is a must for businesses to make it into the modern marketing scene. But to think that having a website is enough is a huge mistake. You might be spending your money only to be wasted on results that don’t come into fruition. What could be the reasons why your website isn’t getting any visitors, and ultimately, conversions? You might be committing these mistakes:


    It doesn’t have optimized landing pages

    A lot of businesses fail to remember that their customers will have different concerns and needs so they may arrive at any part of their website. The homepage won’t be the only part of the website that will be receiving all the traffic. For this reason, it’s important to make your landing pages optimized and presentable as much as your homepage. Create specific landing pages so you can cater to those different needs.

    It’s not mobile friendly

    Many users are actually using their mobile phones to access the internet. Sooner or later, this number will increase and surpass desktop users. Smartphones is becoming more popular because it allows users to perform tasks on the go. For a business website, this means stepping up and being able to respond to this trend. An unresponsive design will give a customer a bad experience thus losing all the potential leads and conversions.

    Its loading speed is too slow

    Customers expect your website to load quickly. Nobody’s going to wait for your website if it takes more than 10 seconds. Remember that there are businesses out there offering the same products or services. If it’s too inconvenient for them, they are going to go to those websites instead. Make sure you incorporate your website’s speed into your SEO efforts.

    It’s too vague

    As much as good content is valuable for any website, they will be rendered useless without a clear call to action. Yes, you have provided engaging and relevant content, but what’s next? You don’t want to make your visitors guess what they are going to do next. You need to provide them the correct direction so that you can lead them to do a specific action, like buy a product, click a link, or etc.

    It’s outdated

    Developing and designing a website isn’t just a one-time thing. Maintaining the website is still you are responsible with. As trends change over time, some website designs become outdated and irrelevant. It leaves a bad reputation to your website if you keep using them. This shows that your business is clearly not updated and will lose its credibility to its customers. This does not mean you have to update your website regularly, just be aware of the matters that you deem need to addressed or you can ask assistance from a webbureau.


    Websites are highly dynamic, especially as technology continuously changes and develops. Essentially, the way to keep your business on top is to constantly keep yourself updated with what’s working right now and what doesn’t anymore.

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