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    Reasons why veterinary clinics should have a website?

    Building a business website for your veterinary clinic is going to be easier than ever, it does not cost much and you do not have to know the code or design, your online veterinary clinic can be done smoothly by web designers. It will increase your customers and you will get online visibility.








    Here are reasons why your veterinary clinic needs a website


    Beside that there are nearly 3 billion people online, and when they want information about products and services they turn to the internet for research and make buying decision. This has required new marketing strategy for veterinary clinics to begin to understand how their customers interact in the digital world.



    Your potential customers are online for variety of reasons


    They categorize the reason people go online in the following seven buckets;


    1. To learn – to be more informed about a certain product they are interested in
    2. To have fun –To be entertained by contents such as articles, photos, and videos
    3. To socialize – Connect with others, share ideas, and join a community with the same interest
    4. To express themselves – to be creative, or have their voice heard by audience
    5. To advocate – influence others, share their knowledge, and share ideas
    6. To conduct business –work, sell, buy products or services
    7. To shop – Purchase or compare products and service


    From these findings, it’s an obvious reason to create a website for your veterinary clinic and design your website to revolve around the top three reasons, to learn, have fun and socialize.




    Set goals for your veterinary clinic website



    You may want your audience to use your website to buy pet products or schedule a vet appointment, but there are other goals for your website such as;


    • Marketing
    • Provide leadership
    • Improve customer retention
    • Boost brand awareness
    • Gain new customers
    • Increase revenue




    Which platforms and CMS should you use?



    Choosing the correct platform and CMS or Content Management System can be a difficult for those who are beginning to design a veterinary clinic website. Here are few pointers in what to add and which platform to use.



    Content Management System – is a tool you will be using to house all the information or content for your website. Here are common platforms to use.


    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • Magento
    • Squarespace
    • Wix



    Depending on your choice of CMS, you will have the same fundamental control of your website with options such as;


    • Simplified management
    • Multiple staff members can edit
    • Pages
    • Images
    • Content
    • Main branding
    • Navigation
    • Experience based
    • Audience preference
    • Control of basic SEO



    However CMS are not a tool for analytics, email, and social media.




    Which platforms to include for your veterinary clinic




    • Gooogle Analytics
    • UserTesting
    • Infusionsoft
    • HubSpot



    • Mailchimp
    • Marketo
    • ConstantContact
    • HubSpot


    Social media management;

    • Hootesuite
    • Buffer
    • Tweetdeck
    • Everypost
    • SproutSocial



    How should you structure your veterinary clinic website



    If you are beginning to design your veterinary clinic website, there are few things you need to consider.


    Front page of your veterinary clinic website should have the following.


    • Make navigation easy
    • Important information should be displayed boldly
    • Highlight your most requested or most popular items


    The rest of the website should follow similar pattern where these basic structures to include.


    • Home page
    • Blog
    • About us
    • Service
    • Staff
    • Contact page with Google map widget
    • Client information or contact form
    • Appointment settler form



    How to structure your veterinary clinic website web pages



    Each website pages will need to be created in a way that offers concise information about your business, every website page should have;


    • Link to home page
    • Address, phone number, email, hours of operation
    • External links to your social media accounts
    • Internal links to other pages within your website



    Your veterinary clinic website should cover a wide range of subjects and information, where you concisely explain the benefits of your business; you should also reduce the excessive choices and other distracting contents.









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