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    Why electricians should have a website

    Your website first impression your clients have of your business. 95% of first impressions are design related; therefore it is important to choose an effective one.




    If you plan to build your own website, or have a web designer to build it, you need these essential items no matter what. There are lot of things that you need but here are the 5 most important items.


    1. Contact details – clear and visible on every page usually placed at the upper right side of the page
    2. Portfolio – an informative portfolio which showcase you work
    3. Modern and mobile friendly design – keep in mind most people grab their phone rather than their laptop first to find products and services.
    4. History of your company – people like to learn more about you and your business, an informative and detailed history of your business gives readers a sense of trust.
    5. Specific job-type details – Clear view of what you can offer your clients.


    The overall goal for your website is to attract more customers; it should be as modern, user-friendly, and in line with your niche. That may seem daunting task for a business owner like you, who already has a lot on his hands. Fortunately, there are lots of website designers online, which can do the job for you in no time. Experts can help you design, or redesign your current website, and give it a boost on its marketing tactics.





    What are the most essential elements to have on your website?


    A design is simply not just a design to make your website look good. Important thing when choosing the right website design is how your customers will respond to your website design. You do not want your website to be overfilled with colours, or too much text, which will confuse the reader. Simplicity is elegant and easy to browse website attract more customers than you think.




    In order to make a good impression on potential clients, your webshop should include the following:


    Responsive design – internet is not limited to computers or laptops alone, people tend to grab their mobile phone to look for a business, products and services. Therefore it is important that you have a responsive design, this design display the same across every device, and may it be a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This will ensure the clients to have a good user experience.


    Simple navigation – Users should never struggle to find your contact details, and most of all what services they are looking for. Consistency makes your website as electrical contractor easy to understand and navigate; it will easily help visitors to find what they are looking for.


    Consistent layout – content on your website may vary from page to page, however it is important to keep a consistent layout on your website.  There is not correct formula on how every electrician should use on their website. But it is very important that you include your business name and contact details on every page the customer turn to. Having your contact details as well as contact button on every page, gives the clients the opportunity for call-to-action.




    How can you make your electrical contractor website strong?


    Now that you have an idea on what to include on your website, you have to determine what kind of website that makes sense for your business.  Although electricians provide similar services, you need to make sure that your website attract the right clients, if your business caters large-scale contractors, choose design, images and text that reflect that. NO matter your area, make sure that your website caters those individuals.




    Prominent call to action


    Again, every page on your website should be an invitation for your customers to easily contact you for more information or appointment. The goal on your website is to attract sales, so convert your web traffic into customers.


    To make it easy for your clients to contact you, it is best that you have an easy call-to-action button, with just one click.





    It can be very challenging to run a business and design a website at the same time. If you are too overwhelmed with all the necessity to create a website, fortunately you can easily contact a web-designer online. Web design companies are experts and will be more than willing to help you out with your business plan, in fact there are website designers who specialize on website for electricians.  Do a quick Google search of any variation of electrical website designer and see if they have what you need.



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