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    Good Webshops Get All the Customers

    Webshops are everywhere these days, selling products ranging from skin care, house appliances, to gadgets. However, not all of them are all necessarily doing well. There are just some factors that separate a good webshop from a bad one, and they make all the difference in conversions and sales. Here are just some of them:

    Attractive design can capture visitors

    Human beings are naturally appreciative of beauty, and would usually prefer it over something that is unpleasant anytime. Conversely, if your website looks cluttered and unprofessional, potential customers would be turned off and be reluctant in purchasing any of your products. A good webshop uses a design that best fits their business brand and is pleasing to the eyes of the customers. The text is easy to read, images are high quality, and the layout organizes the website’s content well.


    Display your contact information

    Even if everything else in your website is perfect, it would all be useless if your customers can’t reach you. Make sure that you include your contact information on every page. This will increase your credibility and will let your customers know that they can call you any time when they have questions or problems.

    Provide relevant images and information

    The good thing about webshops is that your customers can view all your products or services easily by scrolling through the page. It’s important that there are images and detailed information about every product so that they will have proper knowledge before making a purchase. After all, nobody wants to be deceived by misleading descriptions, right?

    Make use of reviews and testimonials

    Another way a webshop is good for your business is through the use of customer reviews and testimonials to boost your marketing strategy. Customers are more encouraged to avail a product or service when they see that other people have tried it as well, especially if it is someone they know or it is a person of authority such as a professional or celebrity.

    Let your customers know who you are

    When a person is looking for a website that sells a product they are interested in, they do not assess the products itself but also the business that sells them. This is where an About Us page comes in. Almost every good webshop has one. The simple reason is that, if the customer cannot find information about the business behind that certain website, they might perceive it as suspicious and would less likely make a purchase. If you can craft a creative About Us page, your customers would also be more encouraged because of your company’s story and can be a contributing factor for them to patronize your products.

    Don’t forget about mobile devices

    Yes, it does not end in simply optimizing your webshop for desktops, but you should also optimize it for mobile devices. Never underestimate the amount of sales increase you could gain through mobile commerce optimization. In this generation, more and more people prefer to be on mobile phones because they can be online anywhere and anytime. They do not only use for communication, but for doing tasks as well, which includes buying things they want. As a good webshop, you’ll be missing a lot of potential customers by ignoring the mobile users market. They won’t be buying from your site because it’s difficult to navigate, takes too long to load, or just looks horrible for mobile devices.


    These are just some of the characteristics of a good webshops and how they bring in more customers. Having a webshop is one thing, but being a good one is also another. Just keep these points in mind when optimizing your webshop.

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