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    3 Main Reasons Why a Bad Website Harms Online Businesses

    Have you ever tried buying things online? Or perhaps you are simply visiting a store’s website and checking their products. Maybe you are looking at your competitors’ and how theirs look. In any case, you have probably seen plenty of bad websites. Many web designers and developers would tell you that it’s not good for your business, especially if you are in the e-commerce industry. But in what ways does it hurt your company?


    Aside from being ugly, bad websites make marketing your business more difficult by:

    Making SEO Harder

    Search engine optimization is not limited to adding keywords to articles. It encompasses all the processes that will help improve your website’s ranking on the search results. Fixing your URLs, structuring your links, updating your content, etc.—these all have a factor in how well search engines can index your pages. If you neglect your website, the engine will do the same to yours. People will have a hard time finding you with a Google search, and as a result, you don’t gain visibility.

    Leading To Worse Customer Experience

    If you think about it, websites are similar to customer service. If people have a good experience with them, they are more likely to return and buy their products. It helps build loyalty and thus more sales. Customers with bad experiences will obviously not return at all, and can even spread the word that your shop is not worth visiting and buying from.


    An unhappy customer can be the most dangerous threat to a business. Remember to keep them satisfied. Avoid having to make them navigate too much in your website. Often, the best option is to make things simpler for them. Make sure that none of your links are broken as well, as this will only cause frustration.



    It would also be a good idea to make your website compatible with phones or tablets. More people are now using phones instead of desktop computers to browse the Internet. You can attract more customers if they find your site accessible on their phones as well.

    Letting You Look Cheap

    Perhaps the biggest and simplest message that a bad website tells your customers is that you don’t care about your business. If you don’t spend the time and money to make your site look nicer and easier to browse, you don’t really have the dedication.


    So if you don’t want to use your money for your own business, why should your customers? It’s important to keep your website maintained and updated at all times. If you have a blog, make sure to post regularly. It can give customers more insight to your business, and aids in SEO as well.


    If you are serious about your webshop and genuinely care about improving for the sake of your customers, then you should invest in a well-designed website. Get yourself the best company with services in web development, SEO, and marketing. They can help lessen the burden of improving your website. Together, you can plan the best course of action, and make your business better for the future.

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