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    Why you should have a website for your cleaning company

    If you’re focused on getting your cleaning company new customers, one of the best ways to leverage your marketing efforts is with a website.







    Why your cleaning business should be online?



    When consumers are looking for businesses, they would most likely turn to search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. According to research, most website rankings come from mobile search; this is the advantage of being on the go and can search for the needed store, business, products and services. And not too many local businesses take advantage of this feature. Even as a business owner you, being on the go and able to search or browse online for products, places, restaurants, and café and so on is such a convenient.


    As a cleaning company, creating your cleaning company’s website is your opportunity to establish yourself as an expert. Your website is the first impression your potential clients have of your business.



    Your cleaning business website is your number one marketing tool



    Although a traditional way to market a business is still effective, however it is not as effective as gaining online visibility and popularity. Creating a website for your cleaning company might take a great deal of time and effort on your side; however it will also be worth it. As traditional marketing can cost a lot more and also has a time limited offer. Whereas a website is a one-time investment and can be updated and edited whenever possible as your cleaning business grows.


    Your cleaning company might have a great reputation on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and so on, however where do you lead your followers to? When you do not have a website, how can they easily turn to your contact details, business information, and gallery and so on?


    How will you market business online if you do not have a website? How can you be ahead of your competition without a cleaning company website?




    Here are just few ways a cleaning company website can improve your marketing and outreach



    • It is more cost effective – buying a radio spot, newspaper ads, billboard ads, handling flyers all require repeat investment. Once you establish a website, the cost of maintenance is at its minimal.



    • It is more marketing flexible – An ad agency control your company content, while you have control over your website content



    • It is your potential clients first impression of your business – A potential client can get a sense of who you are and what your business do through your website. Having the best possible website front page with informative contents will get you far.




    Your cleaning company website will make life easier



    A homepage for your cleaning company is not all about marketing and promoting your business, marketing and growth. It is all about efficiency. Customers can do the following with you having to lift a finger;



    • Request quotes – Customers can easily request quotes



    • Ask general questions – How much time do you spend providing simple information over the phone? Whereas a cleaning company website can do it for you 24 hours a day.




    • Make or alter appointments – Save money on secretary or assistance and have your website do the simple tasks of appointment setting for you, where you can provide your availability on your website.




    What features to include on your cleaning business website?



    Here are some website feature checklists for your cleaning business website;



    Mobile friendly website


    People are not very patient, when potential customer goes onto a website using their mobile or tablet and can’t navigate well around it, they will just chop right off into the competitor’s website instead. It is therefore very important that you choose a responsive website, which means that no matter if your potential customer is using a tablet, smartphone or laptop to view your website, it will present well and adjust accordingly.




    Click to call button



    A click to call button makes it super easy for your customers to call, ask for a quote or email your business. The button should appear on every page of your website.




    Contact form



    Generally customers will contact you by phone; however there are some occasions where someone will prefer on emailing you through the contact form. Make sure that you have this alternative option presented on your website.





    Reviews on homepage



    Reviews are brilliant marketing tool. Your customers can do better job on selling your service through customer review and testimonials; they can say things about your business that could be convincing for new customers.





    Write your own review option



    When customers are left with an option to evaluate your business through review button, this will enforce the idea that your cleaning business company can be trusted. And also this is good for your website, as Google likes it when you update your website regularly.





    Prove you are local



    Have a Google map widget on your website which will indicate that you are a local company. It will also help customers locate your office.





    Different types of media



    People process information in different ways, some people prefer videos, whilst other prefers looking at pictures or reading text. Make sure you have different option, to capture everyone’s attention.


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