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    Responsive Website Design for Your Mobile Devices

    Did you know that there are now more people that use their mobiles to use the Internet than there are people who use desktops and laptops? It is due to this very reason that many digital marketing experts recommend optimizing websites for mobile use. We do too. After all, responsive web design brings benefits such as:

    User Satisfaction

    a responsive mobile site is easier to for users to navigate. They will stay longer, creating meaningful site traffic that will hopefully lead to sales. A good website is also beneficial for marketing purposes. Your brand will also gain a good impression among visitors as one that cares for itself and its customers by investing in a good website.

    Improved SEO Performance

    we tend to forget that page rankings are also affected by the quality of our website, not just how we use keywords for the content we make. Search engines like Google are actually encouraging websites to incorporate responsive design in their website for mobiles. They actually track the performances of sites on mobiles. Websites that do not do well aren’t ranked highly on the search results. So if you have a mobile-friendly site, you might find yourself moving closer to the first page.



    People talk a lot about the importance of responsiveness in websites. What we don’t talk much about is making advertisements compatible for mobiles too.


    There is a big problem that many advertisers with their online conversions. Across various devices, displayed ads tend to perform the poorest on tablets and smartphones.


    Why is this so?


    The answer is simple: They aren’t doing much to make the experience better for people on phones. No matter how well you have designed for desktops, you’ll be missing out on so much if you forget about mobiles. You might even want to create an advertisement solely for mobiles. That means you’ll also need mobile landing pages as well.

    If you think your landing pages’ design have mobile use in mind, it should at least feature the following:


    • A message that is concise and easily understandable. You need to make every word count when it’s on a smaller screen. Too many words and you could lose people’s interest. Make sure that you have only one clear call-to-action. If you want to have many, just make other pages.
    • A phone number, or better yet, a call button. Keep in mind that these are phone/tablet users. You have to make numbers easier to access if you want faster conversions.
    • Scaled images, or no images at all. Pictures that look great on desktops may look horrible on your phone. Images may just make it harder to read your text as well. It might be better to have a plain background, so that there will be more focus on your message.


    Don’t have these yet? Then it’s time to get the as soon as possible. You want to have more sales conversions, don’t you?


    By neglecting to cater to a quickly growing demographic, you’re losing potential buyers and therefore sales. A good business will do what it can to make its customer’s online experiences a good one, regardless of the devices they are using.


    Want to improve on your business’s marketing performance on phones? Let our digital marketing professionals create a responsive website and high quality advertisements for you. They will ensure that they are all compatible on mobiles. We make it our goal to satisfy your business’s needs, and in turn make your own customers happy as well.

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