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    Reasons Why Your Website Should be Mobile-Friendly

    Today, as a business, having online presence means everything. Aside from investing in SEO, PPC, and/or social media, there’s still one essential factor that should never be taken for granted. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Here are the reasons why you should.


    It increases availability

    With the rise of mobile phones, less and less of internet users are on the desktop because they can be on the web whenever they want to be, wherever they may be at that moment. When your website is not optimized for mobile viewing, visitors will be easily discouraged and would opt for another site that offers the same product or service. This could mean a loss of potential leads. User experience matters a lot, that’s why we put effort in web development and design for our websites in the first place.


    It improves your SEO ranking

    Did you know that just by being a mobile-friendly website, Google will favor you more when displaying search results? Google wants to make user experience smooth and seamless, so it’s no wonder they would be ranking mobile responsive sites higher than those that are not. As technology continues to develop day by day, websites that aren’t mobile friendly will be pushed further down the results. This is especially true when they are performing the search using their mobile phones. Conversely, a more visible website will earn more click.

    It can generate more sales

    Nowadays, people don’t just use their mobile phones for communication like how it used to be in the old times. Modern technology has produced high end mobile phones that can basically do almost anything a computer can do, while being lighter and more convenient at the same time. Tasks such as gathering information, organizing files, and shopping can be done while you’re on the way to work. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection.


    As a business, you want to acquire as much sales as possible. And if you’re not taking advantage of mobile shoppers with webshops, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of potential customers.

    It keeps you in the competition

    Smart businesses know that mobile friendly websites are as equally important as your physical store. That’s what makes businesses that are big in the e-commerce scene successful as they are now. An optimized website will give customers a good experience and establish your credibility as a seller of that product or service. It also lets them know that you are actually making an effort to serve customers better.


    A business website that is not responsive to mobile devices is like wearing only one layer of sweater during harsh winter. You thought you’ve come prepared, but it is isn’t enough. And truth be told, customers are already expecting that your website would be optimized for their mobile device. Without it, your business simply won’t be seen as modern and relevant.


    Don’t compromise your company just because you haven’t felt the immediacy of making your website mobile friendly as of the moment. A mobile responsive website will secure your businesses for the future.

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