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    Important Landing Pages tips you shouldn’t miss

    In lead generation, landing pages are one of the most important elements as they gather the information you need in order to convert visitors to actual leads. In today’s world, with lots of fake information and scams flying about, it has become harder for internet users to trust websites and fill in forms. The challenge for businesses now is to create optimized landing pages that not only lie in converting visitors, but also gaining their trust and engaging them. Here are some tips that may seemingly be simple, but are actually crucial factors for your landing pages:

    Remove the main navigation

    The main goal of a landing page is to encourage the visitor to convert. Once they see the main navigation, they will have tendency to be distracted and explore different pages in your website. Although that may be good for your traffic, you are veering away from your objective.

    Keep it simple

    No one wants to visit a website and be welcomed by daunting paragraphs and complicated terms. Just use words that are easy to understand. It’s best to place lesser words and highlight the important parts with big fonts. This is because you want your visitor to convert, and that would be difficult if they get confused along the way.

    Highlight your offer

    A visitor will only visit a website if they are going to benefit from it, whether it’s to gather information, shop for products, or ask questions. Now, if you are offering a specific product, service, or information, make sure you are emphasizing that in your landing pages. This allows the visitor to know they are in the right page and they can assured that you can provide what they need.


    Create more landing pages

    It’s not just about your landingpages design, but their quantity and quality as well. It is best to create a landing page for every type of content you produce. This way you are catering to customers with different needs, and you are not just targeting one niche.

    Ask only what’s needed

    Specify in your businesses which information you need to get the conversions you want. You might think that it’s okay to just gather as much information as possible from your visitors so you can archive them for future use, but it is actually a bad idea. Your customers will feel like it’s too troublesome to fill out such a long form. The lesser fields you require in your form, the higher your conversion rate will be. Lessen the work for your visitors.

    Encourage social media sharing

    Social media is a powerful platform in today’s generation. Anything can go viral in a matter of minutes, so take advantage of this fact. This does not mean you should include buttons for every platform there is. Only include the ones that you know your visitors use or ones that you deem valuable for your conversion goals.

    Use the right CTAs

    In marketing, you must always take into consideration the psychology involved in your strategies. Words and design can ultimately affect how your visitors will behave. That’s why call-to-actions are extremely vital for landing pages. Miss it and you might lose conversions. Call-to-actions tell them what to do, so if you don’t have any, they aren’t going to do anything.


    You have to be creative with your CTAs. Don’t just use “Submit”. Include the benefit that they will get such as “Get your free subscription” o that they feel like they are benefitting from you more than you are benefitting from them. Make the button appear noticeable, attractive, and most importantly, safe.


    Lots of factors contribute to how a landing page will work, but it’s always important to keep the basics in check and follow these simple yet crucial tips.

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