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    Which Social Media site should you advertise on?

    Social media has proven itself time and again that it is a formidable force in online advertising. It lets you reach out to the right people at the right places, engage with them on a more personal level, and so much more. Many digital marketers have seen its prowess and that is why many of them offer this kind of service. But how effective an ad campaign will be depends on which website you focus on and what type of business you have. It also depends on what goals you have set out to achieve.


    Let us focus on three big websites that all have their own advertising specialties:


    • Facebook
    • Instagram, and
    • LinkedIn


    Starting off with Facebook…

     …What Is Facebook advertising best for?

    Facebook is basically the jack-of-all-trades in social media. Its versatility is why there are business owners who rarely go beyond creating Facebook ads to promote their brand. Some businesses don’t even have a website and just settle for a Facebook business page. And the fact that there are billions of users using it every month makes it a gold mine for advertisers.



    If you own an ecommerce business, then Facebook is the best social media site if you want to get more leads. One of the best tricks is to create an ad that leads to a landing page with a high conversion rate. It is also great for building brand awareness due to the user population.


    Facebook also has one of the most advanced targeting features found in any advertising platform on the Internet. It lets you target nearly any type of audience you want. Users can be targeted by an ad due to their job, their geographic location, religion, gender, age, interests, and even recent behaviour on the site.

    What about advertising on Instagram?

    Instagram is a social media platform that is highly dependent on images and videos. As such, Instagram ads are best used when you are in the business of selling aesthetically appealing products. It also is a place often used by brands to send a message to their audience purely through visuals. If creativity and imagination are cornerstones in your company, then Instagram is one of the best places to unleash that talent.


    Taking the population into consideration, the platform is also known for having a higher user engagement ratio compared to Facebook. There can be many instances in which more people have reacted to a post on Instagram than on Facebook or any other social media channel. This makes it very ideal for networking and building viral popularity.

    What is most appropriate for Linked advertising?

    Most social media platforms are known for being very useful in business-to-consumer advertising. But LinkedIn ads are the most effective when it comes to business-to-business advertising. This is because the site caters to professionals and entrepreneurs, among others. LinkedIn is the ideal place for finding high quality leads due to the type of users it has. To advertise here, one has to adopt a mindset of “quality over quantity” since the total number of users amount to less than 500 million. Also, if your company is one that sells services, you will find yourself more successful here than a business that sells physical goods.


    Before you start advertising on social media, you need to assess your business first. What kind of business do you have? What kind of image do you want people to perceive about your brand? If you are having trouble with how to begin with your ad campaign, do not forget that there are experts out there who are willing to help you out. They can even advise you on what direction your brand should take.

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