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    Benefits of Social Media Marketing

    Social media is ever-present in in our lives, incorporated in simple mundane activities such as eating, riding the bus, and etc. It is a platform where you can freely express yourself and connect with a number of people everywhere. Social media is evolving at a galloping pace day by day. It’s a no-brainer why big and small businesses take advantage of it, because it means more exposure for them to a wider audience.


    If you are a business that’s not promoting in any social media platform, you are absolutely missing out. In order for your business to become successful today, you must adapt to changes and trends such as the social media marketing hype. Here are some of the benefits it can offer:

    Increases Brand Awareness

    Having a website is not enough if you want to reach the maximum number of potential customers. You’d be amazed by what a simple Facebook page can do. Sometimes, just being recognized is already effective marketing. Let’s take this scenario as an example: You just opened your café and you posted a series of Facebook ads these past few months. Your target audience has seen them, though they may not necessarily interact with these ads. The next time they go out for coffee, they remember the posts they’ve on Facebook. There is a big chance that they would give your café a try, especially if your content was particularly interesting.

    Generates more traffic

    Without social media marketing, your traffic is basically limited to your website (if you have one) and the usual customers who go to your physical store. Your traffic is not going any further than that organically. Putting that aside, you’ve decided to use social media marketing to appeal to international customers. Instagram ads allow you to adjust your preferences on who sees your posts based on their location, demographic, behavior, and interests. Can you imagine how difficult that can be to achieve organically? Through social media, you can have a more targeted approach.


    Establishes brand reputation

    Aside from SEO, social media accounts also contribute to search engine rankings. When internet users search for a specific topic, they are mostly likely going to click the ones on the first page. You can achieve this by posting relevant content such as articles, blog posts, and case studies. With LinkedIn ads you can boost your article to be seen by many professional in your field. This will help you become more credible in professional circles.

    Improves customer relationship

    E-mail, chat, and phone calls are not the only ways to do customer service. You can also do it on social media. Customers can throw their inquiries at you, tag you in their posts, or write reviews about your product or service. Through interacting with them, you are bringing more customer satisfaction. It’s a common fact that everyone loves validation, and when you recognize their post, they become more encouraged to do it again and again. This is a way of building a good relationship with your customers.

    It’s cost effective

    Inevitably, advertising will require you to spend money. With social media marketing, however, you are getting a high return of investment. You can even adjust your ads according to your budget, so you won’t be exceeding at all.


    Creating a social media account is free, and it’s always better to have one for your business. Social media advertising may be the answer to your business’ problems. If you are still uncertain, you can always consult an expert to guide you.

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