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    How Landing Pages Drive More Traffic to Your Website

    Driving traffic to your website is always a priority for the marketers. They would do anything that is achievable to get as much traffic as possible. So we’re going to let you in on a secret: landing pages greatly contribute to your website traffic optimization.

    But if you’re completely new to this and want to learn about landing pages, here’s a brief description of what it’s all about and how it works.

    What are Landing Pages?

    It is any page or part of your website where customers arrive when they are looking for specific information, like a product or service. Literally speaking, it is the page where they will land on when they click a link.



    To make matters clearer, let us look at this example. You, a startup business, are looking for a digital marketing firm to outsource web development. In the results page, you found an article about the best digital marketing firms in your area. You click on the link in the article about web development services. The link led you to a page in their website where specific rates for their web development services are displayed. That page is an example of a landing page.

    How do they drive traffic?

    In the past, a home page and prompting your visitors to contact you for more information used to work, but that alone just doesn’t work anymore today. People want immediate solutions to their problems or concerns, else they are better off looking for a website that does.

    The best way to optimize landing pages is to coordinate it well with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. It can generate a good number of traffic. That’s why it’s important to research the right keywords and where to place them. In this manner, customers will be led directly to what they are looking for. Businesses take advantage of this by posting content such as articles and blog posts consistently. With this, you are better able to distribute links to your landing pages. More links, more visibility, more leads, more conversion.

    Optimizing your landing pages

    A landing page, however, does not instantly mean successful traffic generation. You have to ensure that you are inserting the right landing pages to your links as well. The content must also be enticing in a way that the visitors would go to your landing page. Once they’re there, the content and the design of the landing page itself must also be considered. The landing pages design should be functional as well as creatively designed, all without compromising its commercial and informational value.


    Basically, the more landing pages you have, the better! Your opportunity to convert visitors to leads increase as you target customer concerns more specifically. You can’t go wrong by making as much as you can. Just get the proper advice from your SEO or digital marketing consultant.

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