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This is what we have accomplished for our customers.

We always try an in-depth insight into our customer’s business and industry. This ensures that we create a strong digital foundation that gives results on the long run.

Quality with a purpose.

Creating the perfect web design can be difficult. Many forget the challenge they are trying to solve, and instead only get into the aesthetic design.


In AWORK, we believe that web design is a mix of aesthetic design and features that will solve a challenge. It is not either or but a combination of both to serve a particular purpose, focusing on getting a particular result.

“Our philosophy is simple. The chance of results is far greater with a digital strategy and a specific purpose.”

Allan Hansen


Responsive web design.

With the increase in the use of mobile devices, responsive web design has become incredibly popular. It’s actually become so popular that mobiles, in 2013, exceeded computers compared to surfing the net. Mobile devices have changed access to web design.


Responsive web design is that the design adapts to the device that a user visits the respective website from. This means that the user gets the best experience on the website as the content is nice and easy to read. By default, all web solutions in AWORK are developed with a responsive web design.

Features are nicely packed.

Web integration involves connecting multiple parties into one single system – website, web shop, portal, etc. These parties get the necessary data to complete the overall system. In AWORK we can perform several forms of web integration.


One of our greatest strengths when we perform these types of integrations is to pack them well. This means that we are going to create synergy between the parties so it all feels like one system. It creates the foundation for a user experience that is smooth and easy to access.


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