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    It tells the customers about their experience

    Regardless of the project, we are always ready for a challenge. Our focus is to precisely target the goal that our customer has in mind. Read about our customers’ experiences below.

    Selected customer case


    Customer at AWORK for 5 years
    Website & Advertising

    AWORK creates dreams into reality

    At the first conversation with AWORK, they had created a trust that they managed to fully run into the needs I told I had. They gave me more blood on my teeth for new sensible actions.


    At no time did I feel that I stood alone with the project, 2 people can never have the same meaning, but they can cooperate, it happened here.


    I thank Allan for his patience, facing a novice in the area of his ability to explain and help me go on was unique.


    At no time do I want to doubt who will help me in the famed advertising world. Thank you AWORK.


    Per Leschly Sørensen

    Owner of M2Clean


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    Read about customer experiences with us.

    The best ambassador for us is our customers. We strive for the full satisfaction every time. Below you will find an extract of our customers’ experiences.

    “We are experiencing a significant difference in the requests from people who have seen our website since AWORK took over our SEO optimization.”

    Mille Dueholm


    Dansk Klima Center

    “We have purchased two websites at AWORK and are quite satisfied with the result. Right now, AWORK is doing SEO for us and it is also running very well.”

    Michel Zangrando


    Belis Kitchen & Bar

    You should even hear what the customers say.

    Do you want to hear it from the customers themselves? Then we have some videos for you below. Here you can hear how we help the customers and what they think of their experience.

    Full satisfaction is our goal. Every time.

    Our goal is always to create the full satisfaction of our customers. This applies to everything from the products we deliver to the customer service we provide.

    “Has been extremely pleased with the service I have received from AWORK. It was easy to plan the website’s design and content with them, and they were very flexible. In the subsequent operation, they have been quick to provide support and answer questions. All in all, a really good experience.”
    Stefan Sternfoss

    Sternfoss Consulting

    “In addition to having a brilliant website, AWORK has been extremely good at challenging my idea and proposing many good solutions that I had not considered at all. Correspondence has always been top notch; That will be the answer quickly and always in a friendly tone.”
    Christina Olesen

    No Outfit

    “I contacted AWORK as I had some challenges with my website. I was met with a great welcome, as well as a highly competent and service minded support. I only have a good say about AWORK, they have my warmest recommendations.”
    Charlotte Hamann

    Coach My Life

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