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    How to improve your holiday ad campaign while you still can

    Holidays and other peak seasons can be very hectic times for both buyers and businesses. The first will be busy looking for things to buy, while the latter will be busy trying to convince the first to come to their shop to buy their things. Paid advertising campaigns are very useful in these situations. Using pay per click platforms (like Google Adwords) allow you to reach your targets in a much shorter period of time. This is in contrast to search engine optimization, in which the results will take longer for you to notice.


    When time is of the essence, PPC ads are usually your best option for attracting buyers on search engines. But to get the most out of this short-term ad campaign, you have to be completely prepared for it. But what if you have already started advertising and you find the results rather lacking?



    Don’t worry! Here are several ways to make your holiday Adwords campaign more effective while there’s still time:

    Give Your Ad A Sense Of Urgency

    Keep in mind that advertising for holidays is a very time-sensitive matter. You have to convey to shoppers that their time is running out fast. Include words in your ad copy like “quick”, “hurry!”, “do not wait”, or one of our favorites, “supplies limited!”


    For your keywords, you might want to include terms like “fast shipping” or “fast delivery time”. “Free shipping” sounds like a nice deal, but shoppers want to get their products as soon as possible, especially if it’s during a holiday like Christmas.

    Do A Little Bit of Budget Adjusting

    Advertising during a time when search engine traffic is at its highest requires making a few changes to your usual budget. Meaning you might have to make a few increases.


    You probably already know by now that most people now do their online browsing through their mobiles. This means they are also doing a lot of their online shopping on their phones and tablets.


    This should also be reflected in your budgeting. What you’ll want to do is set aside more money for ads that target mobiles. You should also increase the budget for computer desktop-oriented advertisements, but not as much as you should on mobiles.

    Remember To Remarket

    It’s always healthy to remind yourself that you’re not the only store who is advertising their goods during holiday season. There are thousands if not millions more who are doing the same things that you are. People are checking other websites and comparing their prices with those of your goods.


    So it’s important that you always remarket while you still have the time. Remarketing means targeting audiences that have already visited your website. You then have certain advertisements displayed to them that are closely related to their interests. At least, according to your analytics, that is. The more relevant the ads are, the more likely these people will come back to your website and actually buy something.


    It’s not too late to make a few improvements to your Google Adwords campaign if it’s already begun. But if you want to have a smooth sailing holiday campaign from the very beginning, it’s best to seek the help of a professional digital marketing agency.

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