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    What can a SSL Certificate protect my website from?

    Online security is very important in this day and age. Hackers have many new tools at their disposal that allow then to easily get into vulnerable websites and/or webshops.


    The growing strength of hackers today is exactly why you need an SSL Certificate. The certificate provides you with an encrypted protection. This lets your website have a secure connection for transmitting data. It is very important if your site holds information such as log-in details and personal customer data.


    We know that an SSL or Secure Sockets Layer will help make your site more secure. That security level becomes tighter depending on the type of certificate you have gotten.


    General things SSL protects you from

    One thing that your site is safe from is imposters. Aside from giving you an encrypted path for your data, it also provides authentication. Always keep in mind that in the Internet, users can be sending data to many servers or computers. Anyone can impersonate your site and make fools out of users by getting their information. The SSL makes sure that information is being transmitted to the right server and not to those who are trying to steal it from you.


    We have also mentioned earlier that a certificate will also help keep your website safe from hackers. It’s difficult for them and for phishers to get SSL certificates because their own websites are suspicious enough. It’s easy for online users to see if a website has a certificate or not. The web browser sends a warning to them if ever a website is not secure or has an unauthenticated server.


    As another protective measure by the security layer, encrypted data will mean nothing to hackers if they ever get their hands on it. All they will see is a string of unreadable hash. Rest assured, with an SSL, your web server’s data is safe from anyone who wants to spy on you and your site visitors.

    How does SSL work?

    For most people, SSL certificates and how they work can be too technical especially as it is something that happens in the background. However, they have proven time and again that they are effective in keeping malicious programs and people from bring harm to a website. In the end, that is all that really matters in the grand scheme of things.


    If you take your business and your customer’s security seriously, investing in a certificate should be one of your main priorities. After all, a business website, especially an ecommerce one, often handles sensitive data such as credit card details. Securing your web domain lessens any risks and gives your site visitors more reason to trust in you and your brand.


    Here at AWORK, we know how crucial online security and privacy can be to a business’ operations and reputation. Our company’s web team is always happy to help provide you with a legitimate SSL certificate that is the perfect one that your website needs, as well as give you further advice on making your site more secure.

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