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    Why you should use Linkedin Ads

    Linkedin is popular for being the platform for many professionals such as business owners, executives, and managers online. As a startup business, it’s the perfect place to market your products or services or raise brand awareness to other businesses. Of course, merely creating an account on Linkedin isn’t going to do the trick for you, not in a short time, that is. But with LinkedIn Ads, it’s completely achievable. Aside from that, LinkedIn can do a lot more for your business, here are some of them:


    It’s a waste of effort and time to display ads to audiences that don’t belong in your target market. With LinkedIn ads, you can choose the audience you want so that leads and conversions can be easily generated. You can target audiences in different ways such as:


    1. Contact targeting

    Upload contacts you already have in your email list or other contact management platforms. You can still send your content to your loyal customers and drive new ones at the same time.


    1. Account Targeting

    There are millions of company pages on LinkedIn. You can match them with your target company. You may also target by professional demographics and reach the people who made buying decisions at your highest value accounts.


    1. Website retargeting

    This allows you to target your audience based on the pages they visited on your site and reactivate visitor interest by delivering content that’s relevant to them.


    Build Relationships

    The people you are connected with will be notified regarding your or your company’s updates such as anniversaries, events, or expansions. Users on LinkedIn are highly engaged people, so always post relevant content. Share your company’s culture on your timeline or groups you’ve joined to spark meaningful conversations with the right prospects. This is helps to reinforce your corporate identity to a larger audience.

    Easy Lead Generation

    LinkedIn has Lead Gen Forms which take away the hassle for your visitor to fill out forms as they can use their profile data to automatically fill them. This makes gathering leads much easier as you can acquire more complete and accurate information without having to force them.

    Measure Conversions from Your Ads

    Whether it’s a sponsored article, video, InMail, Text Ads campaigns, or Ads, you may keep track of your leads with conversion tracking. These include content downloads, sign-ups, purchases, and more. Not only that, you can also monitor how many times members converted after clicking on or even just viewing your ads.

    Friendly Budget

    Don’t worry about your budget. You won’t be overspending it on LinkedIn ads because you can set a Total budget or a Daily budget. Use a total budget ad if you want to your results delivered as fast as possible. Just set the overall budget you’re willing to pay for it. Use a daily budget ad when you want a campaign that is always on and running, but the overall cost is still the same with the total budget.


    So those are just the features LinkedIn Ads can offer for you. Everything can really be specified according to how you want your ads to run, and you don’t have to spend all your money right away because you can discontinue them anytime.

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