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    Get the Right Price for Your Website with a Price-Calculator

    So you have now learned the relevance of websites in today’s marketing world and want to have one of your own. But it’s not easy to just make your own; there are a lot of factors you need to consider. One of the biggest factors is, of course, the price or how much it would cost you. You need to be able to gauge this so you’ll know how much will fit your budget and you won’t be overspending.


    Web development is relatively new so there aren’t many standards set for pricing a website. Each company has their own way of building their own websites or delivering their services. Take for example the number of languages, platforms, and systems that can be used to develop a website, new industry, there really aren’t many standards. As the industry grows, more standards are likely to emerge.



    Now you’re left to wonder, “How much does a website cost?” At AWORK, you can know the exact price of your website broken down to all of its elements. You can customize which service you want or not want. You are only paying for the services you are getting for your website so you can monitor where your money is going. With our website price calculator all you have to do is answer these questions:

    How big is your business?

    Websites aren’t just for big businesses; small businesses, startups, and medium businesses need them too. Of course there will differences in how much service each of them can afford, so we need to know at the beginning.

    Choose your website solution

    A website cannot be bought as is. You pay for the separate services and hours invested into building it. This does not only include the making, but also its maintenance. So the next step is to choose your website solution and how long do you wish to avail website hosting, free support, e-mail, and webmail. Will it be a year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years or do you only want the website alone?

    Do you have any wishes for special development or modules?

    Of course, you might want special features to add to your website that are not included in our package or template in order to fit your branding. These may be booking modules, calendar modules, forums modules, user login modules, chat modules, or intranet modules. As a Danish webbureau, our websites will be in Danish, so you may choose languages such as English to cater to an international audience. The more specific and the more modules you wish to add to your website will also add up to the price.

    Do you want to market your website?

    Aside from building and maintaining a website, you will need to market to garner traffic and gain an online presence. This can be done in many ways and are not necessarily exclusive from each other. The marketing services we offer are: AWORK Boost – Customer Conversion, Google SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Linkedin ads.


    After answering these questions, you’re all set! Just put input your email address and you can get the price for your website. If you find that your budget doesn’t fit, you can always customize the options and choose what’s affordable at the moment.

    Should we help you get started with your own website?

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