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    Get the Right Price for Your Webshop with a Price-Calculator

    Building a webshop on your own is a time consuming effort and is actually harder than most people think. There are several components to deal with such as hosting, domain, design, navigation, and many more. This is even harder if you are running an ecommerce business. Aside from the usual concerns, you also have to consider better security, customer chat support, product photography and descriptions, shopping carts, among others.


    This is why many businesses prefer to work with a web agency instead, and let the experts handle the hard work. However, business owners need to be careful with who they hire as web developers. Creating a webshop can cost money, but the pricing differs among companies. This can make it very easy for businesses owners to be fooled and pay too much for shabby workmanship.


    Therefore, one must look for a web company with a good reputation among their peers. Aside from that, it is better to get a developer with a price calculator in their webshop. It can give you a good idea of how much to set aside for your webshop.



    Let us give you an idea of what a webshop price calculator should have, using our own here at AWORK as an example:


    1. The first question that the calculator asks is the size of your business. Are you a:
      • Start up company
      • Small business
      • Medium business
      • Large company


    This can help us determine the scope of the webshop to be built.


    1. It then inquires if you would like to be in charge of the hosting, support, emails and webmails. You may also you choose to have the agency handle them for a certain number of years or so.
    1. The calculator also needs to know if you want to have a webshop custom-developed from the very start or to use an existing template. Custom-developed sites are considerably more expensive, so choose carefully. On the other hand, this also lets you have a webshop that is completely unique.
    1. It will also take into consideration if you want to have your webshop in multiple languages. Though it takes more time and money, it is worth the effort if you cater to a global audience.
    1. Having additional modules such as chat, booking, forums, user logins, etc. also affect the overall amount of the quotation.
    1. Since our agency is not just a web developer but also a digital marketer, our calculator will also inquire if you want to have your site marketed. In our instance, we let you choose (or not) from:
      • SEO
      • Google Adwords
      • Facebook advertising
      • Instagram advertising
      • LinkedIn advertising


    These of course will have additional costs to the quotation, but with the right people it will be a worthwhile investment.


    The total price should give you a clue of what to expect if you want to have your webshop built. Remember that for a high quality webshop; it’s important to get your money’s worth (and even more). So choose a company that you know will take your best interests at heart and do their best to bring you success.

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