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    Why You Should Use Google Shopping

    Are you having troubling bringing more people to your online store? Not enough people buying from you? Perhaps you haven’t signed up for Google Shopping yet. More and more business owners are using this to improve their sales, and their business in general.


    But first, what is that anyway?


    This is the service provided by Google that basically allows users to search for products sold on the Internet, take a good look at them, and compare prices as well.


    People see these products when they do a search on Google. They appear on the search results either on the Shopping Tab or on the main page itself. On the main results page, they are the ones with the small sponsored label on the upper right side.



    This platform is a must if you are a webshop owner, because of two simple reasons:


    1. Ads on Google Shopping tend to work better than text-based advertisements and;
    1. It is much easier to handle than Adwords.


    Let’s talk about Reason Number One First.

    Their ads are more effective and efficient than Adwords’…depending on what you are selling, of course.

    Perhaps the biggest advantage that a Shopping ad has over your text ads is that it allows you to have images of your product displayed. This gives you good chances of being visible on mobiles. On phones, Google only displays up to two AdWords Pay Per Click advertisements per results page. This is in contrast to the fifteen results that Shopping displays per page. This is especially vital as there are more mobile phone users than desktop users today.


    People are most likely to click on a Shopping ad with a picture than an AdWords one with only text and a link. This means you will have a better CTR or Click Through Rate. CTR is the ratio between the number of clicks your ad gets compared to the number of times your ad is displayed. In turn, this reduces your CPC or Cost Per Click. In Shopping campaigns, the CPC is affected by the CTR. So the more relevant clicks you get, the more money you save in your budget. More importantly, your investment returns will improve.


    Let’s move to Reason Number 2.


    Google Shopping is easier to manage than Google Adwords.

    Aside from the learning curve, Adwords has gained a reputation for being difficult for smaller and/or newer enterprises to be more successful since it requires a lot of work and study. (It’s exactly the reason why you need someone with digital marketing solutions!). With text-based advertisements, you have to choose and make bid on the keywords you wish to use for your campaign. With Shopping, the process is simplified. You don’t have to bid anymore. Google instead decides for you what keywords are the most relevant based on the data you submitted on your products. If you want, you can tweak that data to give you better results.


    Would you like to enjoy the benefits that Google Shopping has to offer for your business? Here at AWORK, we can easily include it in the tailor-made digital marketing strategy we have for you. Feel free to contact us to know more about what we can do to make your business better.

    Should we help you get started with Google Shopping?

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