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    Why You Should Use Landingpages to Convert Traffic to Paying Customers

    A business website’s main purpose is to represent your website online and attract potential customers. It does not end there though. You might be getting a large amount of traffic, but it does not mean they will make a purchase. You still have the burden to create conversions from visitors to actual buyers.


    Don’t be intimidated or discouraged to work on traffic conversion because the answer is quite simple and it comes in two words: Landing Pages.


    What are they? Landing pages are pages in your website where any visitor may arrive at. An effective landing page can determine whether you will get high or low conversions. But what does it take for a landing page to be effective? Here are some of the essential factors:


    Once the customer clicks on you link and arrives at your landing page, the design will be the first thing they will see. If they are welcomed by large fonts and overwhelming colors, you can be sure that they will be dismissing your page in seconds. That’s why professional and appropriate landing pages design should never be neglected and deemed a mere “extra.”



    Of course, everything else in your landing page would be rendered useless if the visitors can’t see it properly, let alone navigate the page. The goal is to give the visitor a smooth experience and allow them to explore different links in your website. They might be interested at the start, but they can’t read more information because other pages are broken. Its potential leads and conversion wasted.


    Search engine optimization takes dedication and hard work, but it definitely pays off. One way for you to attract more traffic and conversions is to produce content that will lead them to your different landing pages. Interesting content will get them to click your link, and even more engaging content will incite them to try your product or service. It’s important to note that you use the right your keywords with your landing pages so that you can address the wide range of concerns or inquiries customers may have.


    This may be seemingly minor detail, but it is one of the most important. Through CTAs you can tell your visitors to convert. Because, how else will they now? They might have been entertained by your article or video, but it does not necessarily mean they will make a purchase. Since your goal is to convert, you want to make sure that they are going to do just do that, and there’s no better than to tell them directly.

    Test. Test. Test.

    Your first attempts with these different elements won’t always be successful the way you want it to be as customers will have different behaviors. Make two landing pages with different design, layout, CTA, keyword, and etc. to see which one will perform better. Through data you can acquire through analytics, you can learn your target audience’s preferences and improve your landing pages that will certainly convert traffic to paying customers.

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