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    The Perks of Good Product Photography

    When we build an e-commerce website, we have to consider the many factors that make it successful. Shopping carts, payment systems, merchant accounts, and server security are just a few of these. Of course, the overall design layout of a web shop definitely matters too, as well as search engine optimization.


    Another very important aspect of a shop that not all businesses take seriously is product photography. As a matter of fact, many customers will base their purchasing decisions on the image alone. But what exactly are some of the benefits that a good image can bring to an online store?

    More Conversions

    The general idea is this: the better looking your photos are, the more sales you will get. Shopping online can be a challenge for many people. They don’t have the opportunity to review the item before buying it. With images that let the customer have a much closer, detailed look, you will be able to convince them your products are legitimate. It is much better if you can provide them with numerous angles and with a zooming option. Some ecommerce companies have even opted to provide shoppers with 360 degree viewing.



    Better yet, have your products displayed with models using them. Let’s say you sell shoes or watches. You ought to show models wearing it. It can give your customers a good idea of whether or not it will be a good fit on them. This helps them decide whether to buy it or not.


    Having high quality photos can set you apart from your competitors. This is most relevant when you are using a platform like Google Shopping, where your products and prices are being compared with those from other stores. Combine your photos with an effective product description and you are sure to see an increase in your sales.

    Builds Trust

    Earlier we mentioned that a good quality image helps customers see that your products are authentic. You should give your buyers a clear idea of what to expect when buying from you.


    By being consistent with both your photos and products, you are able to build a trusting relationship between buyer and business. They will keep coming back to your shop because they know from experience they will not be failed.

    Better for Social Media Sharing

    Visuals always tend to be much more effective online than text, including on social media. People will share and like more if they see pictures. Ergo, if you want to spread your reach through channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you ought to invest in photography that not only looks good, but also sets you apart from others through branding.


    If you want the best product photos for your web shop, don’t settle for the DIY way–unless you yourself are a good photographer. Even so, you might be in need of branding advice, something which a marketing expert can give you.


    Find yourself a reputable company that does professional product photography. Luckily our team, here at AWORK, has anticipated this necessity and also offer this service as well. No longer do you have to waste precious time searching for another agency. We can meet all the online business needs you have.

    Should we help you get started with your own Google Shopping?

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