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    Basic Elements of a Good Ecommerce Website

    Building an online store can be a time-consuming task. There are plenty of things to take into consideration, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Let AWORK help you figure out the fundamentals.


    There are a several key areas that should be paid attention if you want to make your webshop a success:

    Visual Use and Quality

    Visuals have always been a vital aspect of a site user’s experience. This is even more so in online shops. Images play an important part when a customer is making a decision while buying.


    You must be able to display your products in high definition images, and at multiple angles if need be. It might also be a good idea to show the product being used, and to show the other varieties of it. You might need to invest in the services of a professional photographer if you want high quality photos of your goods.


    If you are selling clothes, for instance, you’ll want to have models wear the products, preferably in different colors if there are any. If the clothing has male and female versions, then have images of both models displayed. You can also have videos of demonstrations showcased with the product.


    Product Description

    Another factor that a customer considers is the product description. You must be clear and concise with your sentences. It is also important to be honest with the specifications of the item to lessen any potential customer complaints. Do not forget, however, that you must be able to both advertise and describe the product at the same time.


    You have to make sure that your product prices are displayed prominently. If they have any discounts, show them as well (the percentage certainly helps persuade the customer).


    Also, do not forget about the shipping fee. The cost of shipping often turns away customers, so you might want to give them a free offer. Display that prominently as well.


    Customers often do their own research on the products they want to buy, so you have to be honest and clear with your product descriptions and your prices.


    Customer Reviews

    Many customers read the reviews before deciding to buy an item or not. It helps them determine for themselves if the product (and your shop) is legitimate.


    Afraid of getting bad reviews? Don’t be. The lack of reviews, or worse, the lack of the option to review makes your business look suspicious to them. When a customer sees a few bad reviews on a product, then they will be more comfortable with the good reviews and see them as truth.

    Shopping Cart

    The shopping cart is perhaps one of, if not the, most important element of an ecommerce business. Your online cart should be user-friendly and have plenty of room for many products. To attract more customers, consider making registration to your website optional, not a requirement. Give them the choice to have a guest cart. This way, you get sales even if you don’t get more site members.


    Make sure that the check-out procedure is smooth and hassle free and requires little more from the buyer. Keep as little confidential data as possible—all you really need is their email address. Credit card and addresses should be discarded by the website after checkout to retain user privacy. Make sure that your servers are secure as well.

    Payment Methods

    Giving your customers several payment options can help retain them. Creating merchant accounts allow you to accept credit and debit cards. Some people may be suspicious of using cards or other methods like Paypal, so you could give them a Cash-on-Delivery option, if your company can handle it. Of course, you could limit that option to certain areas that are more accessible to you.

    SEO, Paid Advertising, and Social Media

    Want people to see your products on Google or Facebook even before visiting your website? Investing in Pay-per-click services like Google Adwords will also help get your items displayed (with images!). You need to optimize your pages for search engines if you want more people to see links to your site after a search query. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market your business and products can also help build credibility and gain consumer trust. Plus their advertising tools are a big plus as well.

    Want to have a successful ecommerce business? With AWORK, we can build you a webshop that is tailor-made for your needs. Aside from that, we will also gladly be your consultants if you’d like us to be, and make sure that your company achieves all the goals that you’ve set out for it.

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