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    Creating a Google Campaign That Works

    One of the most effective ways to increase sales on the Internet is through pay per click advertising, also known as PPC. It is an online advertising model in which traffic is directed to websites with the use of ads. For every click that ad gets, advertisers have to pay the publishers a certain amount.


    You are basically buying site visits instead of gaining them through organic means like search engine optimization.


    As the top search engine in the world, Google also has its own PPC publishing platform called Google Adwords. In this system, advertisers make bids on their chosen keywords in order for their ads to appear on the search results.


    This service is widely used by many businesses regardless of size, but also has quite a steep learning curve. It was also found that smaller or newer businesses generally have a harder time succeeding with it.


    In retrospect, their failures could have been avoided if they had set aside time to study the tool more closely. But not many have had the opportunity to. This is why web marketing agencies like AWORK are in demand. We have taken it upon us to spend time and resources on learning the most effective methods to increase online sales and exposure. But we don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves. We will gladly give advice to our clients.



    That being said, here are our tips on making a great PPC campaign on Google:

    Find Your Audience

    The first step to advertising success is knowing who your target buyers are. What are their demographics? Are they mostly mobile-users, or are they a mixed group? What is their age range? Asking and answering questions like these first will help you on approaching your campaign better.

    Research On Keywords

    The improper use of keywords is one of the main reasons why new advertisers lose money so quickly. They may bid on search terms that are too broad, or actually even using the wrong ones. With broad terms, you’ll have too much competition. With the irrelevant terms, you’ll be competing with the wrong businesses.


    You might want to consider bidding on long-tail keywords, or search terms that are actually phrases. This can be especially helpful if your business has physical locations. For example, if you are a car rental company in Copenhagen, don’t go for “car rental” only. Instead, bid on “rent a car in Copenhagen” or “car rental service Copenhagen”.

    Set Up More Ads and Ad Groups

    Another cause of campaign failure is having only one ad or ad group for all their keywords. This method is a big waste of money. Though you do get more clicks, many of them will remain unconverted.


    What you want to do is create ad groups for sets of keywords that are closely related to each other. Having an ad that is more relevant to the keyword increases the chances for meaningful clicks.

    Set Up Your Budget

    Being a pay-per-click platform, Google Adwords will of course cost you money. You need to get the best position for your ad at the best price. And sometimes, the top of the results page


    It’s important to take in mind that as a new Adwords account for a small business, what you need for the moment is investment returns, not online visibility. That comes later when your account and your company has matured. For now, you have to get the most out of your clicks.

    But to get people to click on your ads, you need to…

    Create Good Ad Copy

    Contrary to what many may think, how your ads are written are crucial to getting clicks. The words you use should compel the viewer to click on it. What makes it even more difficult is that you have to convince them with a limited number of words. To fully utilize your words, you should at the very least:


    • Include relevant keywords (and your area if possible)
    • Have a call-to-action
    • Put the solution to your customer’s problem
    • Give your company’s contact number if you have one


    Using Google Adwords is difficult if you are new to it. However, we at AWORK will always be ready to lend you a helping hand with your online advertising needs. Should you like to know more about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at: https://awork.dk/kontakt

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