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    How Does SEO Work?

    Aside from services such as website development and online advertising, we here at AWORK also offer SEO– a word that you will often hear from in the digital marketing industry. You know that it has something to do with search engines and websites, but what exactly is it? Just how does it work?


    SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and is basically all the things that we do to improve a website and its pages. We do this so that they can be crawled and indexed by search engines and be ranked high on search results.


    To understand how SEO works, let us begin with the search engines first.


    Search engines make use of programs called crawlers or spiders. These “crawl” around the Internet in search websites to study. Once you have submitted a sitemap so that these spiders can go through your website, they’ll take all the information they can get such as your:

    • Keywords
    • Titles and Metadata
    • Navigation
    • Content


    (Of course, we can have certain pages in your site not indexed by search engines.)



    Once the search engine has gathered all the data they need, it can index and store your pages in their massive database. They then sort out the search queries your webpages will appear on, and where they will appear on the search results.


    Search engines use algorithms to determine your webpages rankings. These algorithms contain several factors like:

    • Compatibility with Mobiles
    • Keywords
    • Responsive Page design
    • Title and Metadata
    • Content quality
    • Links by other websites to yours and vice versa (the quality of these sites matter as well)
    • The structure of your site’s URLs
    • Overall user experience
    • Optimized Images
    • How much exposure your name gets on social media


    The websites you see on the first pages of the results are usually the ones who have the most successful SEO strategies. They are those who have done all of the above, and much more, correctly.


    So what are the basic things you can do to rank well in the results? You can start by:

    • Creating high quality content for your pages
    • Share these content to other websites and on social media
    • Building links with other relevant websites and blogs
    • Improving your titles, metadata, and URL structure
    • Working on the overall structure and layout of your website


    It’s not just your website itself that needs SEO techniques. If we also make use of paid advertising services like Google Adwords, you’ll need to use keywords as well to stay relevant, do we not? Landing pages also need to be properly designed and responsive in order for Google not to reject our advertisements.


    Many of the websites you find on the front results pages didn’t optimize their websites all on their own. These businesses hired a web bureau like AWORK to do the work for them. We have the means and the knowledge for figuring out the best methods to improve your website’s standing on the big search engines like Google.

    Should we help you get started with SEO for your site?

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