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    SSL Certificates: Why Does Your Business Need One?

    These are troubling times. Hackers are becoming smarter and they are gaining access to more superior tools. In a recent news article by CNN, it was reported by Google that over 250,000 web log-in details are being stolen by hackers every week. This goes to show that not many businesses are serious about their own security and that of their customers.


    Online security for your website is not just a little extra feature. It’s a necessity if you want to be more successful on the Internet. But where does one start if they want to protect their data?


    One of the first things that you can do for your site is get an SSL certificate.


    First Things First: What is an SSL?

    SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security technology that provides encrypted protection when transferring information online. In other words, an SSL makes a secure connection when, for example, you buy things online or log into your account.


    To be able to create this connection, you’ll need an SSL certificate. If you want to activate the SSL for your web server, you have to answer several questions about you and your business. Afterwards, it will create the Public Key and the Private Key, which will work together to make that encrypted link.


    There are three kinds of certificates that provide different levels of security:


    • Domain Validated – the lowest security level with a fast processing time, recommended for internal systems only, not businesses
    • Organization Validated – higher level that requires more information from you regarding your company, location, etc. Has a longer processing time, and is recommended for all businesses.
    • Extended Validation or EV – highest security level with a very strict process for validation. This kind of certificate features the green padlock on the address bar. Highly recommended for e-commerce businesses


    Having an SSL certificate lets your business enjoy benefits such as:


    Secure Online Payments

    Does your business make online transactions, or do you plan on having this feature? You probably need a merchant account, which usually requires an SSL certificate. After all, you need to make sure that your buyers’ credit card information stays secure. It’s not good for business if your customer’s card info gets stolen.


    Keep User Information Safe

    Do you need to collect basic information from your site’s users, like their email and physical address, contact number, and name? If you don’t have a certificate, you run the risk of getting that information intercepted by someone else. There are many government websites –with data on their citizens–that have fallen victim to hackers because of, among other things, a lack of an SSL certificate.


    Protect Passwords

    If your business’s website has any pages that are password-protected, then you definitely need a certificate. Remember that anything online that requires protection needs the security that SSL provides.


    Makes You More Trustworthy

    When site users see that you have an SSL certificate, you immediately become more trustworthy in their point of view. It means that your business is willing to spend on a secure website to make their customers’ experience a safer one.

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