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    2017 Advertising Trends that will Probably still be Around 2018

    If there is something constant with trends on the Internet, it is that they are always changing. People’s tastes are fickle, after all, and what works well this year may not in the next. This state of flux in trends is why many businesses find that marketing themselves online is actually difficult.


    Keeping yourself knowledgeable on trends is especially crucial in online advertising. It could mean the difference between success and failure for an ad campaign on Google Adwords or social media. Plus it also helps reduce unnecessary expenditures.



    The year 2017 is now coming to an end, and with it, many advertising trends. However, these ones that are currently trending have a good chance of continuing on to 2018:

    Google: Mobile Phones are King

    Since the first quarter of the year, ads on Google have experienced a huge increase of clicks that come from mobile phones. This is not entirely surprising, as the population of mobile users have continued to rise. It is important now more than ever to optimize ads and websites for mobile use. The potential that mobiles provide to businesses will keep on growing. You should capitalize on this opportunity soon if you want to attract more customers using Google.

    Facebook: Lists vs Long, Testimonials

    More businesses have begun adapting a list type of copy for the Facebook ads this year. Using lists is a tried and tested method and is a more straightforward way of providing information.


    On the other hand, long form ad copy has also grown popular. It lets you imitate the high-performing writing style often used by bloggers and other individual figures.


    Many advertisers have used a combination of long captions and lists to make the most out of both forms.


    Using customer reviews and grabbing quotes from them to use for ads are also being widely used. It gives your brand a sense of credibility if other people have genuinely good things to say about your products or services.

    Instagram: Less Hashtags is More, Video Ads

    Instagram ads are very helpful for businesses who want to put their products on display. Being a visual-heavy website, the ads are mostly images, although there are a growing number of businesses who now also employ video ads. Videos allow you to put more content on a single post and can send a message with more clarity.


    It was also discovered that posts that have less hashtags (lower than 10) actually perform better than posts with too many. Using brand hashtags have also become a norm for many businesses, as this lets users find their brand much easier.

    LinkedIn: Always Keep It Professional

    One thing to always take into consideration is that LinkedIn is a place where B2B marketing is more effective. More often than not you are advertising to fellow professionals and owners of businesses, not consumers. Trends are also more steadfast here, and remain longer than trends on Facebook or Instagram would. Maintaining a more professional but personal tone in your LinkedIn ads attract more potential customers. Using words like “success” and “business” “career” also help.


    The marketing needs for each platform differ from one another. Keeping up with each one can be a troublesome task. But with AWORK, there is no need for you to worry about the latest marketing trends that your company should follow. It is part of our job that we are always up to date on what is popular and what works best for your business.


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