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    Why Use Targeted Ad Campaigns?

    While yet another holiday season approaches, you may have started doing Google searches for gift ideas. You might have also noticed that the amount of sponsored ads displayed in the search results have increased quite a bit.


    For many businesses, Google AdWords has obviously proven itself as a very effective paid advertising. It features tools that allow you to target particular locations and demographics. Many marketers take advantage of these features effectively, targeting only the people with the highest probability of buying their products or services.



    Target advertising in itself, without taking advantage of holidays, already boasts benefits such as:


    • Being more cost-effective – this is because you are already focused on selling to people who are most likely to buy from you. You are not using up valuable time and money advertising to audiences who may not be interested in you at all.
    • Higher investment returns – since people see your advertisements selling them products that are relevant to their everyday lives, the chances of them clicking your ads increase. A higher click-through-rate means a bigger probability of them buying, thus increasing your sales.
    • Builds brand awareness – even if they do not click your ads or buy your goods, people will begin to associate your business with a certain product. If they decide to look for said product again in the future, there is a large chance that they will do a Google search for your brand.
    • Complements with SEO – a popular strategy with digital marketers is to use both paid advertising and search engine optimization together to improve their website traffic. Data gathered on the both of them can be used to improve each other. For example, keywords that have proven most effective on paid searches can be used for their site’s content to work on increasing the organic rankings.


    With all these benefits, why do many brands focus on doing target advertising only during periods like Christmas, Black Friday, Mother or Father’s Day, or all the other big Days in the calendar? Why not do it all year round?


    The answer is simple: Because they are certain that they will have a bigger profit. They are concentrating their resources on advertising during a time when user traffic is at its most high. More user traffic leads to more clicks, which in turn means more sales.


    However, seasons don’t just mean Christmas or other holidays. They can be literal seasons as well. If you own an air conditioner brand, for instance, you might want to have more of your ads displayed during the summer. In the end, your peak seasons depend on the kind of business you have.


    Of course, advertising on Google won’t be as effective if you don’t have a well-made advertisement. Make sure to work on a high-quality ad with relevant content and responsive landing page. Better yet, hire a professional digital marketing agency to do all the work for you. From planning your budget, creating your ads, to bidding on Google AdWords, they can ensure that your holiday advertising campaign will be a complete success.

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